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The Windmill in Golden Gate Park da Jill Clardy

No I haven't been to Holland recently.... this is in San Francisco ! The old restored Dutch windmill in Golden Gate Park near Ocean Beach is one of those quirky features of the city's history that make this such a unique place. Golden Gate Park, one of the truly great urban parks, was built on very sandy soil with no fresh water source. The windmill was built in 1902 to pump water into several reservoir lakes in the park to allow the more than 1,000 acres to be cultivated. Although it hasn't been used to pump water for more than 80 years, the windmill was restored in the mid-70's (and my husband's Seabee unit stationed at nearby Treasure Island did the restoration work). <a href=";size=large" rel="nofollow">View On Black</a> to enjoy the fresh scent of the gardens and salty air here at the beach.
Dutch Windmill (Golden Gate Park) is a tourist attraction, one of the Mulini in San Francisco, Stati Uniti. It is located: 26 km Daly City da, 218 km San Jose da, 810 km Fresno da. Leggi ulteriori
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